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Dr. William B. Poucher, Ph.D., ACM Fellow
Professor of Computer Science,
Baylor University
  Executive Director,
ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest
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Recent Awards:   Service:
2002-2007 IBM Faculty Partner Award   1988- present: Executive Director (different titles)
2006 Baylor Outstanding Contribution Award   1984-88:  World Finals Judge
2002 Computer Science Outstanding Professor   1984-87:  South Central Regional Director
2001 IBM: ICPC Leadership Award   1977-83:  Co-coach with Dwight Caughfield
1998 UPE Abacus Award    
1997-98 Baylor Outstanding Professor Award   R&D, Grants, Gifts:
1997 Mortar Board Circle of Achievement Award   My current interests are in competitive learning and the
1996 "Lobzilla" of the ICPC Award   technology that makes it globally accessible.
1994 ACM Fellow Initial Inductee   I have been blessed with the resources to meet
1990 ACM Outstanding Contribution Award   the needs of the programs that I have been
ACM - Numerous Recognition of Service Awards   involved with since the 1970's.  In particular,
IOI - Numerous Recognition of Services Award   I would like to thank IBM, Microsoft, AT&T, Apple,
    ACM, Texas Instruments, Borland, Johnson & Johnson,
Links:  My 1995 Home Page   Ortho, LAMPF (Los Alamos), NSF, and NSERC for support.