The ICPC Joseph S. DeBlasi Outstanding Contribution Award

The ICPC Joseph S. DeBlasi Outstanding Contribution Award

The ICPC Joseph S. DeBlasi Award is awarded each year to the ICPC volunteer who has played an instrumental role in the success of the ICPC for a period of not less than five years.  The award winner is selected by a committee of senior ICPC volunteers.

Award winners are presented with the award at the ACM-ICPC World Finals.

2018Guojie LUO, Yunli YANG, Wandong DING, Xuesong FAN, Qinjian ZHANG, Wei GUO, Yihan WANG, Minghui BI, Wensheng RAN, Yulan HUANG, Ying WANG, Xinguo LIU, Xiaona LIU, Dandan BAI, Hanyu HUANG, Jiahui ZHANG, Qing LIU, Liyang LIU, Ni ZHOU, Liyan QIAN, Junlin LU, Ping XUE, Zhen WANG, Junhao CHEN, Lin HOU, Xiaolu JI, Xiaojun ZHANG, Yao LU

For building PKU’s globally recognized academic program in competitive programming program; for providing training and educational services to the global community and uplift for gifted students prior to college, for organizing many Asia regional contests; and for organizing the 2018 ICPC World Finals as a premier event of the 120th anniversary of Peking University and science in China.


Qusi Al-Haj, Edward CorwinBarbara Dolan, Nancy Gowen, Richard Gowen, Tanya Gray, Paul Hinker, Antonette Logar, Lisa Storms, Karen Whitehead

For building the competitive programming initiative at SDSMT, establishing Excellence in Computing, Inc., and engaging the South Dakota community in support of the 2017 World Finals.
2016Amarin Deemagarn, Seksun Suwanmanee, Petcharat Suriyachai, Sangsuree Vasupongayya, Anant Choksuriwong, Wasimon Panichpattanakul, Pracha AsawateeraFor seven years of dedication, leadership, service, and zeal
advancing the universities of Thailand and throughout Southeast
Asia to full participation in the ICPC. 
2015Ossama Ismail, Yousry El Gamal, Mohamed Fouad, Abdel-rahman Mostafa, Mohamed Mahmoud, Abd El-Wahab, Ahmed El-Sayed, Yomna Darwich, Nicole Hosh, Dalia El HefnyFor founding, directing, coaching, judging, and producing ICPC competitions in the Arab region and promoting participation in the region and neighboring countries, and hosting the 2015 World Finals in Morocco. 
2014Magaz Asanov, Pavel Atnashev, Evgueni Chtykov, Denis Dublennykh, Alexander Halperin, Alexander Ipatov, Alexander Klepinin, Mikhail Rubinchik, Alexey Samsonov, Stanislav Vasilyev, Leonid Volkov, Vladimir YakovlevFor founding, directing, coaching, judging, and producing ICPC competitions in the Ural region since 1996 and promoting participation in Russia and neighboring countries, and hosting the 2014 World Finals in Ekaterinburg. 
2013Vladimir Vasilev, Vladimir Parfenov, Roman Elizarov, Matvey Kazakov, Andrey StankevichFor founding and directing NEERC, coaching ITMO teams, preparing the next generation of ITMO contestants, and organizing the 2013 World Finals.
2012Kattis: Fredrik Niemelä, Gunnar Kreitz, Per Austrin, Pehr Söderman, Mikael Goldmann, Emma Enström, Mikael LagerkvistFor developing the Programming Contest Control System used to support the ACM-ICPC World Finals since 2010 and the Nordic Collegiate Programming Contest since 2007.
2012ICPC Live: Fredrik Niemelä, Mats Erixon, Niklas Lind, Mattias de Zalenski, Aase Knudsen, Roger SandholmFor establishing a live production, allowing people world-wide to watch the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest World Finals live via the Internet.
2011Michael Jeffry Donahoo
Tomáš Černý
Ray Holder
Baylor University Competitive Infrastructure Initiative Lab and the core team of developers for providing global enterprise management tools in support of the ICPC since 1998 and development support for global CLI developers since 2002.
2009Vladimir Parfenov
Roman Elizarov
Vladimir Vasiliev
NEERC Team for establishing the ICPC NEERC tiered contest spanning from Eastern Europe to the Pacific Ocean, including the Russian Federation.
2008Hans Domjan
Michael Korpi
Joel Korpi
David Hill
Lisa Donahoo
ICPC Digital Media Team for outstanding service and accomplishment in telling the story of the ACM-ICPC World Finals through video and still photography since 1996.
2007Rodney D'SilvaIBM Technical Representative
ICPC Operations Team
2006Patrick HynanWorld Finals Operations Manager
World Finals Operations Director
2006Brian SittonWorld Finals Systems Manager
World Finals Configuration QA Manager
2005Miguel Revilla Ramos
Valladolid University
The Valladolid On-Line Judge System
The ICPC On-Line Judge System
For outstanding service and accomplishment in support of
ICPC Contests throughout the world as ICPC Problem Archivist
and for the development of the the Online-Judge Problem Set
Archive at the Universidad de Valladolid.
2004John Clevenger
Sam Ashoo
Doug Lane
Troy Boudreau
Cal State Sacramento
PC^2 Programming Contest Control System
2003C. Jinshong Hwang
Texas State University
Director and Founder of Asia Contests
2002IBM Toronto LabsOutstanding service as volunteers and ICPC Sponsor
2002Joseph S. DeBlasiACM
Mentoring the ICPC while ACM Executive Director
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