History - ICPC 1997

...the RESULTS are in from San Jose!!

The 1997 World Champions:
Harvey Mudd College


From over 1,100 teams competing in 22 regional contests around the world, 50 teams advanced to the 1997 World Finals which was held in San Jose, California, USA, on March 2, 1997.
Of the teams in competition, over 250 teams competed in intercollegiate contests in Asia and Europe for the chance to advance to the ACM-ICPC regionals where 840 teams competed in 20 ACM-ICPC regional contests held throughout the world.
Harvey Mudd College
  • Robert Keller, Coach
  • Brian Carnes, Contestant
  • Brian Johnson, Contestant
  • Kevin Watkins, Contestant
  • Dominic Mazzoni, Reserve
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