Coach Instructions

So, you’d like to take a team (or teams) to a local competition. That’s great news!

Team creation

To create a new team, please click here. (If your institution has never competed, please contact so your institution can be added to the ICPC database institution list.)

  • The link above shall help you to create a new account and/or log into your account. If you are not sure of whether you have an ICPC account, try the "Forgot password" link to email your password.
  • If you are an existing user, the link above shall direct you to the team creation wizard after you log in. If you are a new user, complete the registration, log in, and click "Create team" to go to the team creation wizard.
  • Team creation wizard
    1. Select the site where you wish to compete.
    2. Enter the requested information, including your team and university name. Search for your university in the search box. If you cannot find your institution in the list, please send an email request to manager@acmicpc.org. Click the "Next" button when you are finished.
    3. Review your team information and click the "Confirm" button.
    4. Next you shall be presented with a list of your teams. Select the team you wish to manage (e.g., add team members, change information, etc.). You may cancel the team with the 'Cancel team' button if the team is later unable to compete.
    5. On the team page, you can add a team member by clicking "Add team member". You may then select between adding an existing person from the system and adding a new person by clicking the "Add new/existing person" link. For adding an existing person, you can enter the team member's name and/or email address, and the system shall present possible matches. If no person is found, uncheck checkbox 'Search people related to my institution' and try again. For adding a new person, you need only to provide email address, first/last name, gender, and title. Contestants must complete the rest of their registration information (see next step). Optionally, a coach may enter all information for a contestant. In this case, the contestant shall not be required to update his information; however, please use this option only if you know all required information.
    6. Email from noreply@icpc.baylor.edu shall be sent automatically to each contestant with instructions how to complete his info page, which completes his registration. Ask team members to check their spam and junk mail folders if they do not receive notification within a few hours. After contestants complete their information pages, please review for correctness.
    7. Your team shall remain "Pending" until the Regional Contest Director marks it as "Accepted".

Team management

You can manage your team through your Dashboard. The Dashboard is the starting point for all of your management activities in the ICPC site. You can create, manage, and learn the status of reservations and teams from your Dashboard. Your Dashboard contains a panel for each of your ICPC activities.

  • Access your ICPC Dashboard here and click "View my teams".
  • If you return to the ICPC home page, you can access your Dashboard by clicking the "Dashboard" link in the upper-right corner of the home page.
Last modified on 15:49 PM Feb 05, 2013