The 2017 ACM-ICPC Asia Kabul Regional Contest

Pacific & Indochina Peninsula or Asia; About Asia administrative sub-regions partition, refer to

Main info

It is 227 days after contest
The regional contest hosted by Kateb University represents the geographic area of Pacific & Indochina Peninsula or Asia; About Asia administrative sub-regions partition, refer to The contest is sponsored by The ICPC Foundation. The local web-site is accessible here. The contact email address is

The contest dates are 8 Nov - 10 Nov '17.
The registration is open between 10 Jul - 6 Nov '17.

Additional info: Please contact the Financial department (Home page) for confirming your deposit. 
Billing info: The fee for the contest is 200$. It should deposit to Account Name: Faiz Mohammad Kateb University Account No: 100501200035747 USD Bank Name: Bakhtar Bank - Afghanistan


Asia Kabul Onsite Contest

Avicenna University   [URL]
Team name:  KC
  • Javid Hussain Fazaeli, Coach
  • Mohammad Zia Asadi, Contestant
  • Abdul khaled Mohebi, Contestant
  • Abdol Hussain Mozaffari, Contestant
Gharjistan University   [URL]
Team name:  Ants Army
  • Mohammad Hussain Sultani, Coach
  • Mohammad Sadeq Asghari, Contestant
  • Omid Javedan, Contestant
  • Javad Mirzaiee, Contestant
Kabul Polytechnic University   [URL]
Team name:  KPU-CE
  • Ghulam Sakhi Shokouh, Coach
  • Sajjad Rajaee, Contestant
  • Zia Shahizadeh, Contestant
  • Mohammad Jalal Ziarmal, Contestant
Kardan University   [URL]
Team name:  Programmers of 2020
  • Muhammad Haleem, Coach
  • Zabeehullah Khan, Contestant
  • Abdul Baqi Popal, Contestant
  • Shafi Ullah, Contestant
Kateb University   [URL]
Team name:  Binary
  • Mortaza Nikzad, Coach
  • Zaman Ehsani, Contestant
  • Hussain Hussaini, Contestant
  • mohammad aziz nabizada, Contestant
Kateb University   [URL]
Team name:  Hunters
  • Mortaza Nikzad, Coach
  • Amena Khavari, Contestant
  • Ahmad Shekib Moheby, Contestant
  • Hekmatullah Najafi, Contestant
Kateb University   [URL]
Team name:  Kateb Programmers
  • Mortaza Nikzad, Coach
  • Mujtaba Lomani, Contestant
  • Mohammad Farhad Rasuly, Contestant
  • Mohammad Sohrab Zarbafiyan, Contestant
Kateb University   [URL]
Team name:  programming pro
  • mohammad nazem Jafary, Coach
  • Mustafa Frotan, Contestant
  • Rahmatullah Moradi, Contestant
  • Ali Reza Rezayee, Contestant
Kateb University   [URL]
Team name:  Robust Kings
  • Mortaza Nikzad, Coach
  • Hamayoun Ali Babur, Contestant
  • Mohammad jawid Jamee, Contestant
  • Mohammad Rahim Taheri, Contestant
Rabia Balkhi University   [URL]
Team name:  RBU
  • Mahdi Modabber, Coach
Shahid Beheshti University   [URL]
Team name:  You know izad?
  • Amin Karimi monsefi, Coach
  • Behdad Ahmadi, Contestant
  • Mohammad Reza Mohseni, Contestant
  • Reza Shiri, Contestant
University of Sistan and Baluchestan   [URL]
Team name:  MakranUSB
  • Mehran Riki, Coach
  • AmirHosein Asaadi, Contestant
  • Teymoor Dorzadeh, Contestant
  • Hamed jaziny, Contestant