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The world finals contest hosted by Peking University and CYSC: Children and Youth Center of CAST represents the geographic area of Worldwide. The contest is sponsored by The ICPC Foundation. The contact email address is

The contest dates are 19 Apr '18.
The registration is open between 17 Nov - 20 Apr '18.


Africa and the Middle East

Al Akhawayn University   [URL]
Team name:  The Losers: Pinky & The Brain
  • Mohamed Riduan Abid, Coach
  • Mohammed Khalil Ait Brahim, Contestant
  • Ahmed Amine Boustani, Contestant
  • Achraf Mamdouh, Contestant
Al-Baath University   [URL]
Team name:  NoNameFoundException
  • Majd Akleh, Coach
  • Malek Hakki, Contestant
  • Hussain Hussain, Contestant
  • Marsil Zakour, Contestant
Al-Baath University   [URL]
Team name:  O(n)
  • Ghadeer Al Hasan, Coach
  • Daniar Jarrous, Contestant
  • Maala Mhrez, Contestant
  • Mahdi Qanas, Contestant
Alexandria University - Faculty of Engineering   [URL]
Team name:  New Folder (1)
  • Omar Mohamed Eissa, Coach
  • Omar ElAzazy, Co-coach
  • Khaled Ali, Contestant
  • Essam AlNaggar, Contestant
  • Amr Mahmoud, Contestant
Arab Academy for Science and Technology (Alexandria)   [URL]
Team name:  The Old Guard
  • Mohamed Abd El-Wahab, Coach
  • Walid Ghallab, Contestant
  • Osama Hatem Sharafeldin, Contestant
  • Abdelrahman Ramadan, Contestant
Cairo University - Faculty of Computers and Information   [URL]
Team name:  1e-15
  • Mohammad Yasser, Coach
  • Nour ElRashidy, Co-coach
  • Seif Gamal, Contestant
  • Khaled Hamed, Contestant
  • Amr Magdy, Contestant
Damascus University   [URL]
Team name:  Y!
  • Ghassan Khazaal, Coach
  • Ahmad Gafer, Contestant
  • Mohammad Shahhoud, Contestant
  • Said Sryheni, Contestant
Faculty of Computer and Information Sciences, Ain Shams University   [URL]
Team name:  Triple Dark Music
  • Nour ElRashidy, Coach
  • Mohamed Roushdy, Co-coach
  • Khaled Swalem, Co-coach
  • Mohamed Anany, Contestant
  • Hossam Eissa, Contestant
  • Mohamed Yosri Yehia Ahmed, Contestant
Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University   [URL]
Team name:  WF Please
  • Mohamed Abd El-Wahab, Coach
  • Ahmed Gamal, Contestant
  • Omar Hashim, Contestant
  • Mina Magdy, Contestant
German University in Cairo   [URL]
Team name:  Legend Mode Activated
  • Slim Abdennadher, Coach
  • Ahmad Elsagheer, Contestant
  • Ahmed Kamel, Contestant
  • Omar Morsi, Contestant
Higher Institute for Applied Sciences and Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Saiyan Squad
  • Nizar Zarka, Coach
  • Fouad Khoury, Co-coach
  • Farouk Hjabo, Contestant
  • Nemane Jessri, Contestant
  • Anas Kastantin, Contestant
Princess Sumaya University for Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Aurora (PSUT)
  • Sufyan Almajali, Coach
  • Mohammed Abu Aboud, Contestant
  • Motasem AL-Kayed, Contestant
  • Hamza Zagha, Contestant
Tishreen University   [URL]
Team name:  NCD#1
  • Hussain Kara Fallah, Coach
  • Zeinal Abeedin Ali, Contestant
  • Fudail Hasan, Contestant
  • Anas Khaddour, Contestant
University of Pretoria   [URL]
Team name:  AwesomeSource
  • Frank Christoph Stallmann, Coach
  • Ulrik de Muelenaere, Contestant
  • Jaco Plooy, Contestant
  • Brent Walsh, Contestant

Asia East

Beihang University   [URL]
Team name:  Three Investigators
  • You Song, Coach
  • Mingyang Liang, Co-coach
  • Xuanang Zhao, Co-coach
  • Xin Huang, Contestant
  • Ziyuan Liu, Contestant
  • Jingzhe Tang, Contestant
Beijing Normal University   [URL]
Team name:  MilkCandy
  • Su Feng, Coach
  • Weiqiang He, Co-coach
  • Ke Sun, Contestant
  • Wenqi Sun, Contestant
  • Yaohui Zeng, Contestant
Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications   [URL]
Team name:  CodeMao_Gregtech
  • Ya Yang, Coach
  • Ming Fang, Co-coach
  • Xiaoru Wang, Co-coach
  • Ran Dong, Contestant
  • HeXiang Pan, Contestant
  • KaiChen Zhang, Contestant
Fudan University   [URL]
Team name:  Wood Cube
  • Weiwei Sun, Coach
  • Minghong Gao, Co-coach
  • Hong Xu, Co-coach
  • Zhifeng Ying, Co-coach
  • Xinyu Zhang, Co-coach
  • Xi Gao, Contestant
  • Zhihao Ma, Contestant
  • Dongjian Tang, Contestant
Fuzhou University   [URL]
Team name:  Pachirisu
  • Yanggeng Fu, Coach
  • Yingjie Wu, Co-coach
  • Mingqin Chen, Contestant
  • Haohui Zheng, Contestant
  • Peng Zou, Contestant
Guangdong University of Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Travel_poorly
  • Xuandong Sun, Coach
  • Xuanzhu Lin, Contestant
  • Mingkai Tang, Contestant
  • Fuqiang Yang, Contestant
Hangzhou Dianzi University   [URL]
Team name:  HDU-AcmKeHaoWanLe
  • Chunying LIU, Coach
  • Xiaoping SUN, Co-coach
  • Tao XIA, Co-coach
  • Songyang CHEN, Contestant
  • Kaichen Wang, Contestant
  • Jingshi ZHENG, Contestant
Huazhong University of Science & Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Nebula
  • Kun He, Coach
  • Zhenfei Yin, Co-coach
  • Hao Fan, Contestant
  • Lingyun Liao, Contestant
  • Wenhao Song, Contestant
Northwestern Polytechnical University   [URL]
Team name:  NPU_Hawaii_Guitar
  • Xuefeng Jiang, Coach
  • Junrui Liu, Co-coach
  • Qi Wang, Co-coach
  • Jiachen Dong, Contestant
  • Hongpeng Li, Contestant
  • Jia Zhao, Contestant
Peking University   [URL]
Team name:  Check it out
  • Guojie Luo, Coach
  • Lihuang Ding, Contestant
  • Huadun Hong, Contestant
  • Ruyi Ji, Contestant
Shanghai Jiao Tong University   [URL]
Team name:  Nightfall
  • Yong Yu, Coach
  • Bohui Fang, Co-coach
  • Xiaoxu Guo, Co-coach
  • Wenhan Huang, Co-coach
  • Yang Jiacheng, Co-coach
  • Bin Jin, Co-coach
  • Wenhao Li, Co-coach
  • Yanpei Liu, Co-coach
  • Sishan Long, Co-coach
  • Hanyuan Shi, Co-coach
  • Yufeng Su, Co-coach
  • Zhenjia Xu, Co-coach
  • ZHUOLIN YANG, Co-coach
  • Boning Li, Contestant
  • Zhongtang Luo, Contestant
  • Wenda Qiu, Contestant
The Chinese University of Hong Kong   [URL]
Team name:  ACellent
  • Siu On Chan, Coach
  • Ngan Hang Ho, Contestant
  • Lik Hang Poon, Contestant
  • Wai Pan Yik, Contestant
Tsinghua University   [URL]
Team name:  jsssssssssshiverb
  • Xiaojun Wu, Coach
  • Mingxing Xu, Co-coach
  • Kefan Dong, Contestant
  • Zhizhou Ren, Contestant
  • Xiaoyao Zou, Contestant
University of Electronic Science and Technology of China   [URL]
Team name:  UESTC_Maglev
  • Xiaoping Wang, Coach
  • Peng Yang, Co-coach
  • Xu Hao, Contestant
  • Ke Shen, Contestant
  • Yutong Yang, Contestant
Wuhan University   [URL]
Team name:  Preludes
  • Wenyong Dong, Coach
  • Aohan Liu, Contestant
  • Ruida Wang, Contestant
  • Shenghui Wu, Contestant
Xi'an Jiaotong University   [URL]
Team name:  bitset
  • Hongzhe Xu, Coach
  • Cong Ding, Contestant
  • Yifan Liu, Contestant
  • Yulin Shen, Contestant
Zhejiang University   [URL]
Team name:  Legilimens
  • Can Wang, Coach
  • Jingbang Chen, Contestant
  • Mingrui Liu, Contestant
  • Zicheng Ye, Contestant
Zhongshan (Sun Yat-sen) University   [URL]
Team name:  SYSU_Iron
  • SongShan Guo, Coach
  • Han Lin, Co-coach
  • Zizhen Zhang, Co-coach
  • Tianyu Wang, Contestant
  • Zhengjie Xu, Contestant
  • Tanli Zuo, Contestant

Asia Pacific

Chulalongkorn University   [URL]
Team name:  CPCU 4197
  • Athasit Surarerks, Coach
  • Worawut Komekarat, Co-coach
  • Rachata Kampitak, Contestant
  • Pattara Teerapong, Contestant
  • Manussawee Tepakidareekul, Contestant
Ho Chi Minh City University of Science   [URL]
Team name:  HCMUS-NyanCat
  • Vi-Minh LUONG, Coach
  • Tuan Ho Nguyen Hai, Contestant
  • Lam Nguyen Hy Hoai, Contestant
  • Quoc Cuong Tran, Contestant
Institut Teknologi Bandung   [URL]
Team name:  Ainge ST
  • Fazat Nur Azizah, Coach
  • Alfonsus Raditya Arsadjaja, Contestant
  • Wiwit Rifai, Contestant
  • Luqman Arifin Siswanto, Contestant
Team name:  Deobureo Minkyu Party
  • Taisook Han, Coach
  • Minkyu Jo, Contestant
  • Hanpil Kang, Contestant
  • Jaehyun Koo, Contestant
National Chiao Tung University   [URL]
Team name:  NCTU_Foudre
  • Kai-Chiang Wu, Coach
  • Min-Zheng Shieh, Co-coach
  • Meng-Tsung Tsai, Co-coach
  • Yen-Ting Chen, Contestant
  • Yun-Hao Chung, Contestant
  • Shu-Ching Huang, Contestant
National Taiwan University   [URL]
Team name:  PECaveros
  • Pu-Jen Cheng, Coach
  • Chiou-Shann Fuh, Co-coach
  • Li Chen, Contestant
  • Chin-Chia Hsu, Contestant
  • Tzu-Peng Wang, Contestant
National University of Singapore   [URL]
Team name:  DomiNUS
  • Sun Teck Tan, Coach
  • Hong Chin Lim, Co-coach
  • Xuan Manh Le, Contestant
  • Duc Nhat Minh Phan, Contestant
  • Dinh Quang Dat Vu, Contestant
Seoul National University   [URL]
Team name:  MolaMola
  • Heon Young Yeom, Coach
  • Sangsoo Park, Contestant
  • Bumsoo Park, Contestant
  • Sung Gwan Park, Contestant
The University of Tokyo   [URL]
Team name:  Cxiv-Dxiv
  • Tomoyuki Kaneko, Coach
  • Shanchuan Wan, Co-coach
  • Kazumi Kasaura, Contestant
  • Soh Kumabe, Contestant
  • Kohji Liu, Contestant
The University of Western Australia   [URL]
Team name:  Max Ward
  • Tim French, Coach
  • Max Ward-Graham, Co-coach
  • Nicholas O'Callaghan, Contestant
  • Ridge Shrubsall, Contestant
  • Alexander Thatcher, Contestant
Tokyo Institute of Technology   [URL]
Team name:  ninjaribaton
  • Yoshiki Nakamura, Coach
  • Riki Fukunari, Contestant
  • Mikito Ota, Contestant
  • Takuto Yoshida, Contestant
Ulsan National Institute of Science and Technology   [URL]
Team name:  MDMA
  • Jaesik Choi, Coach
  • Nazarbek Altybay, Contestant
  • Bekzhan Bekbolatuly, Contestant
  • Shaikhitdin Nezametdinov, Contestant
University of Computer Studies, Yangon   [URL]
Team name:  Legendary Geek
  • Pau Suan Mung, Coach
  • Nanda Thant Sin, Contestant
  • Myat Thu, Contestant
  • Pyae Sone Win, Contestant
University of Engineering and Technology - VNU   [URL]
Team name:  unsigned
  • Ho Dac Phuong, Coach
  • Son Bao Pham, Co-coach
  • Tuan Le Quang, Contestant
  • Dinh Quang Minh Nguyen, Contestant
  • Nguyen Pham, Contestant
University of New South Wales   [URL]
Team name:  AbishforesT
  • Joshua Chin Saik Lau, Coach
  • Raveen de Silva, Co-coach
  • Aleks Ignjatovic, Co-coach
  • Oliver Fisher, Contestant
  • Mohammad Huda, Contestant
  • Ray Li, Contestant
University of Tsukuba   [URL]
Team name:  5000-cho-en
  • Claus Aranha, Coach
  • Haruka Iwaki, Contestant
  • Yuuji Moroto, Contestant
  • Yasuaki Rokugo, Contestant

Asia West

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology   [URL]
Team name:  BUET Dracarys
  • Mohammad Kaykobad, Coach
  • Tanmoy Mollik, Contestant
  • Nazmur Rashid, Contestant
  • Md Riazul Islam Riaz, Contestant
Indian Institute of Technology - Delhi   [URL]
Team name:  Know_no_algo
  • Amit Kumar, Coach
  • Ronak Agarwal, Contestant
  • Anant Chhajwani, Contestant
  • Ankesh Gupta, Contestant
Indian Institute of Technology - Kanpur   [URL]
Team name:  LongTimeNoC
  • Surender Baswana, Coach
  • Saketh Ginuga, Contestant
  • Swastik Sharma, Contestant
  • Arjun Sinha, Contestant
Indian Institute of Technology - Kharagpur   [URL]
Team name:  TheVindicators
  • Pawan Goyal, Coach
  • Mayank Khetan, Contestant
  • Sandeep Kumar Pani, Contestant
  • Pranjal Shankhdhar, Contestant
Indian Institute of Technology - Madras   [URL]
Team name:  Supercalifragilistic
  • Rupesh Nasre, Coach
  • Kavitha Gopal, Contestant
  • Kaushik Raghavan, Contestant
  • Dipak Ramesh, Contestant
Indian Institute of Technology - Patna   [URL]
Team name:  ButterRoti
  • Arijit Mondal, Coach
  • Shaurya Gupta, Contestant
  • Prateek Karnal, Contestant
  • Bhavit Sharma, Contestant
Indian Institute of Technology - Roorkee   [URL]
Team name:  Triangulation
  • Balasubramanian Raman, Coach
  • Vaibhav Gosain, Contestant
  • Adarsh kumar, Contestant
  • Saharsh Luthra, Contestant
International Institute of Information Technology - Bangalore   [URL]
Team name:  Mochizuki
  • Muralidhara Vaddarahalli Narasimha Moorthy, Coach
  • Vivek Yadav, Co-coach
  • Simran Dokania, Contestant
  • Shyam Komini Babu, Contestant
  • Aditya Paliwal, Contestant
International Institute of Information Technology - Hyderabad   [URL]
Team name:  TooWeakTooSlow
  • Saswata Shannigrahi, Coach
  • Vedant Cacklur Gopi, Contestant
  • Tanuj Khattar, Contestant
  • Rajas Mangesh Vanjape, Contestant
Karachi Institute of Economics & Technology  
Team name:  Binary 01
  • Amin Akhter, Coach
  • Syed Bilal Hassan Rizvi, Contestant
  • Ahsan Iqbal, Contestant
  • Fawad Mahmood, Contestant
Shahid Beheshti University   [URL]
Team name:  You know izad?
  • Amin Karimi Monsefi, Coach
  • Mehdi Kazemi, Co-coach
  • Farzad Sharbafian, Co-coach
  • Mojtaba Vahidi-Asl, Co-coach
  • Behdad Ahmadi, Contestant
  • Mohammad Reza Mohseni, Contestant
  • Reza Shiri, Contestant
Shahjalal University of Science and Technology   [URL]
Team name:  SUST_TeamX
  • Md Saiful Islam, Coach
  • Biswapriyo Chakrabarty, Co-coach
  • Enamul Hassan, Co-coach
  • Md Mahadi Hasan Nahid, Co-coach
  • Ayesha Tasnim, Co-coach
  • Moudud Ahmed Khan, Contestant
  • Md Kazi Nayeem, Contestant
  • Md Nazim Uddin, Contestant
Sharif University of Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Cliché
  • Kamran Bavar, Coach
  • SeyedParsa Mirtaheri, Contestant
  • Mohammad Hossein Nematollahi, Contestant
  • Mohammad Mahdi Shokri, Contestant
Sharif University of Technology   [URL]
Team name:  CrockPot
  • Hamid Zarrabi-Zadeh, Coach
  • Zahra Mousavian-Hor, Co-coach
  • Ali Haghani, Contestant
  • Peyman Jabbarzade Ganje, Contestant
  • Amir Keivan Mohtashami, Contestant


Charles University in Prague   [URL]
Team name:  MFF
  • Zdenek Dvorak, Coach
  • Filip Bialas, Contestant
  • Richard Hladík, Contestant
  • Václav Volhejn, Contestant
École Normale Supérieure de Paris   [URL]
Team name:  ENS Ulm
  • Hadrien Barral, Coach
  • Rafaël Bocquet, Contestant
  • Nathanaël Courant, Contestant
  • Tomas Rigaux, Contestant
ETH Zürich   [URL]
Team name:  rETHink togETHer
  • Kieran Nirkko, Coach
  • Fabian Lyck, Contestant
  • Simon Andreas Meinhard, Contestant
  • Daniel Rutschmann, Contestant
Jagiellonian University in Krakow   [URL]
Team name:  Jagiellonian
  • Pawel Idziak, Coach
  • Lech Duraj, Co-coach
  • Vladyslav Hlembotskyi, Contestant
  • Franciszek Stokowacki, Contestant
  • Michał Zieliński, Contestant
Lviv National University   [URL]
Team name:  LNU Algotesters
  • Vitalii Herasymiv, Coach
  • Vasyl Biletskyy, Co-coach
  • Taras Chaika, Contestant
  • Andrii Makar, Contestant
  • Mykhailo Pylyp, Contestant
Scuola Normale Superiore   [URL]
Team name:  SNS Pisa
  • Giovanni Paolini, Coach
  • Filippo Baroni, Contestant
  • Federico Glaudo, Contestant
  • Francesco Milizia, Contestant
Sofia University   [URL]
Team name:  FMI_BG
  • Georgi Georgiev, Coach
  • Vladislav Haralampiev, Co-coach
  • Daniel Atanasov, Contestant
  • Anton Chernev, Contestant
  • Ivo Dilov, Contestant
Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv   [URL]
Team name:  WakeUp
  • Vitalii Bondarenko, Coach
  • Lesya Bondarenko, Co-coach
  • Volodymyr Mesyura, Co-coach
  • Yevhenii Holovachov, Contestant
  • Mark Mikhno, Contestant
  • Kyrylo Mykhailov, Contestant
TOBB University of Economics and Technology   [URL]
Team name:  LogicError
  • Osman Abul, Coach
  • Mehmet Murat Akburak, Contestant
  • Mustafa Erdem Kirez, Contestant
  • Onur Yildiz, Contestant
University of Bergen   [URL]
Team name:  Garbage Collectors
  • Torstein Strømme, Coach
  • Olav Røthe Bakken, Contestant
  • Davide Pallotti, Contestant
  • Jan Soukup, Contestant
University of Bucharest   [URL]
Team name:  Echipa Lacheta
  • Mihai Calancea, Coach
  • Lucian Bicsi, Contestant
  • Andrei Popa, Contestant
  • Alexandru Velea, Contestant
University of Cambridge   [URL]
Team name:  Me[N]ta∭ca
  • Petar Veličković, Coach
  • Dimitrije Erdeljan, Contestant
  • Marko Stanković, Contestant
  • Dušan Živanović, Contestant
University of Helsinki   [URL]
Team name:  Ukkonen Fan Club
  • Tuukka Korhonen, Coach
  • Hannes Ihalainen, Contestant
  • Kalle Luopajärvi, Contestant
  • Antti Röyskö, Contestant
University of Oxford   [URL]
Team name:  Tractor_Specialists
  • Mihail Jianu, Coach
  • George Chichirim, Contestant
  • Andrei-Costin Constantinescu, Contestant
  • Tamio-Vesa Nakajima, Contestant
University of Warsaw   [URL]
Team name:  Warsaw Eagles
  • Jan Madey, Coach
  • Krzysztof Diks, Co-coach
  • Kamil Dębowski, Contestant
  • Mateusz Radecki, Contestant
  • Marek Sommer, Contestant
Utrecht University   [URL]
Team name:  We put the pro in programming
  • Ragnar Groot Koerkamp, Coach
  • Jorke de Vlas, Contestant
  • Mike de Vries, Contestant
  • Freek Henstra, Contestant
Uzhgorod National University   [URL]
Team name:  UzhNU_push --force
  • Oleksandr Mitsa, Coach
  • Serhii Oryshych, Co-coach
  • Roman Melnyk, Contestant
  • Roman Rubanenko, Contestant
  • Yevhen Zadorozhnii, Contestant

Latin America

Facultad de Ciencias-Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México   [URL]
Team name:  PU++
  • Manuel Alcantara Juárez, Coach
  • Luis Enrique Chacón Ochoa, Contestant
  • Jorge Fernández Hidalgo, Contestant
  • Santiago Ley Flores, Contestant
Instituto Militar de Engenharia   [URL]
Team name:  Lorem Ipsum
  • Claudia Justel, Coach
  • Geraldo Avelino, Co-coach
  • Naum Azeredo Fernandes Barreira, Contestant
  • Matheus Cariús Castro, Contestant
  • Athos Couto, Contestant
ITESM Campus Queretaro   [URL]
Team name:  Pragma
  • Pedro Pérez, Coach
  • Guillermo Salvador Barrón Sánchez, Contestant
  • Fabian Gomez Gonzalez, Contestant
  • Iván Alejandro Soto Velázquez, Contestant
Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú - FCI   [URL]
Team name:  O(1) O(n) O(u(n))
  • Jesús Peña, Coach
  • Jesús Alonso Espino Luna, Contestant
  • Rodrigo Manuel Horruitiner Mendoza, Contestant
  • Paul Michael Luyo Carbonero, Contestant
Pontificia Universidad Católica Madre y Maestra   [URL]
Team name:  Firefox
  • Carlos Toribio, Coach
  • Roberto Abreu, Co-coach
  • Michael Gonzales, Contestant
  • Angel Gonzalez, Contestant
  • Sarahaime Rodríguez, Contestant
Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo Leon   [URL]
Team name:  Los A´s
  • María Chávez, Coach
  • Reyna Castro, Co-coach
  • Victor Hugo Antonio De La Fuente Jimenez, Contestant
  • Ángel Domínguez, Contestant
  • José Tapia, Contestant
Universidad Central de Venezuela   [URL]
Team name:  Super Pollos
  • Héctor Navarro, Coach
  • Walter Hernandez, Co-coach
  • Robinson Rivas-Suarez, Co-coach
  • Satoru Díaz Nakada, Contestant
  • Samuel Nacache, Contestant
  • Leonardo Santella, Contestant
Universidad Central "Marta Abreu" de Las Villas   [URL]
Team name:  KFP
  • José Daniel Rodríguez Morales, Coach
  • Daniel Enrique Cordovés Borroto, Contestant
  • Ruddy Guerrero Álvarez, Contestant
  • Niuber Ramirez Grey, Contestant
Universidad de Chile   [URL]
Team name:  No importa entrenen weon
  • Jorge Perez, Coach
  • Juan Pablo Paulsen Casanueva, Co-coach
  • Pablo Astudillo, Contestant
  • Javier Oliva, Contestant
  • Matias Ramirez, Contestant
Universidad de Costa Rica   [URL]
Team name:  TicoBits
  • Edy Miguel Ramírez-Jiménez, Coach
  • Rodrigo Antonio Chaves Fernández, Contestant
  • Melvin Alonso Elizondo Perez, Contestant
  • Diego Ugalde Ávila, Contestant
Universidad de Oriente - Sede Antonio Maceo   [URL]
Team name:  Netscape
  • Reynaldo Gil Pons, Coach
  • Alexander Bestard Rivera, Contestant
  • Aurora Gil Pons, Contestant
  • Ernesto David Peña Herrera, Contestant
Universidad de Pinar del Río   [URL]
Team name:  sUrPRise
  • Luis Manuel Díaz Barón, Coach
  • Manuel Alejandro Díaz Pérez, Contestant
  • Elio Alejandro Govea Aguilar, Contestant
  • José Guerra Carmenate, Contestant
Universidade de São Paulo   [URL]
Team name:  ¯\_( "/ )_/¯
  • Renzo Gomez, Coach
  • Marcos Kawakami, Co-coach
  • Yan Couto, Contestant
  • Arthur Nascimento, Contestant
  • Victor Sena Molero, Contestant
Universidade de São Paulo - Campus de São Carlos   [URL]
Team name:  Trei Linha
  • Danilo Tedeschi, Coach
  • Joao do Espirito Santo Batista Neto, Co-coach
  • Bruno Sanches, Co-coach
  • Nicolas Masanori Shimizu Oe, Co-coach
  • Lucas de Oliveira Pacheco, Contestant
  • Samuel Santos, Contestant
  • Rodrigo Weigert, Contestant
Universidade Federal de Campina Grande   [URL]
Team name:  Choose difficulty: TITAN
  • Rohit Gheyi, Coach
  • Árysson Cavalcanti Figueiredo, Contestant
  • Felipe Mota dos Santos, Contestant
  • Ordan Silva Santos, Contestant
Universidade Federal de Pernambuco   [URL]
Team name:  ALT
  • Katia Guimarães, Coach
  • Arthur Costa, Contestant
  • Tiago Goncalves, Contestant
  • Lucas Santana, Contestant
Universidade Federal do Rio de Janeiro   [URL]
Team name:  Esse é meu time
  • Marcia Cerioli, Coach
  • Igor Figueiredo, Contestant
  • Ian Miranda, Contestant
  • Tiago Montalvão, Contestant
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte   [URL]
Team name:  Ginga com Tapioca
  • Carlos Augusto Prolo, Coach
  • Rafael Beserra Gomes, Co-coach
  • Sérgio Medeiros, Co-coach
  • Railton Calheiros, Contestant
  • Hélio Duarte, Contestant
  • Victor Lima, Contestant
Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Bogotá   [URL]
Team name:  UNschwifty
  • Diego Said Niquefa Velásquez, Coach
  • Daniel Augusto Caceres Salas, Contestant
  • Víctor Gabriel Ramírez Caballero, Contestant
  • Manuel Alejandro Vergara Díaz, Contestant
Universidad Nacional de Córdoba - FaMAF   [URL]
Team name:  Gracias Demetrio
  • Martin Rodriguez, Coach
  • Matías Tealdi, Co-coach
  • Ezekiel Carranza, Contestant
  • Luis Ferroni Rivetti, Contestant
  • Matías José Hunicken Berardo, Contestant
Universidad Nacional de Rosario   [URL]
Team name:  Flower Power
  • Martín Villagra, Coach
  • Pablo Zimmermann, Co-coach
  • Margarita Capretto, Contestant
  • Fernando Jesús Fiori, Contestant
  • Emilio López, Contestant
Universidad Tecnologica de Pereira   [URL]
Team name:  No name available.
  • Hugo Humberto Morales Peña, Coach
  • Carlos Andrés Arias Londoño, Contestant
  • Yeferson Gaitan Gomez, Contestant
  • Manuel Felipe Pineda, Contestant

North America

Carnegie Mellon University   [URL]
Team name:  CMU1
  • Danny Sleator, Coach
  • Raymond Kang, Contestant
  • Yiquan Wang, Contestant
  • Andrew Yang, Contestant
Colorado School of Mines   [URL]
Team name:  SAMurai MASters
  • Jeffrey Paone, Coach
  • Matthew Baldin, Contestant
  • Samuel Reinehr, Contestant
  • Allee Zarrini, Contestant
Columbia University   [URL]
Team name:  Codembia
  • Chengyu Lin, Coach
  • Haomin Long, Contestant
  • Ying Sheng, Contestant
  • Peilin Zhong, Contestant
Cornell University   [URL]
Team name:  sjtuatcornell
  • Victor Reis, Coach
  • Haobin Ni, Co-coach
  • Di Chen, Contestant
  • Yan Ji, Contestant
  • Siqiu Yao, Contestant
Harvard University   [URL]
Team name:  Harvard
  • Robert L Walton, Coach
  • Jelani Nelson, Co-coach
  • Daniel Chiu, Contestant
  • Rafail Ketsetsidis, Contestant
  • Huy Truong Nam Nguyen, Contestant
Massachusetts Institute of Technology   [URL]
Team name:  MIT TWO
  • Aleksandar Zlateski, Coach
  • Allen Liu, Contestant
  • Yang Liu, Contestant
  • Kevin Sun, Contestant
Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology   [URL]
Team name:  RHIT-Not Accepted
  • Shawn Bohner, Coach
  • Mark Hays, Co-coach
  • Yilun Wu, Contestant
  • Xingfang Yuan, Contestant
  • Qinmao Zhang, Contestant
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Hardrockers
  • Edward Corwin, Coach
  • Antonette Logar, Co-coach
  • Larry Pyeatt, Co-coach
  • Matthew Schallenkamp, Contestant
  • Andrew Stelter, Contestant
  • Luke Videckis, Contestant
Stanford University   [URL]
Team name:  Stanford Cardinal
  • Gerald Cain, Coach
  • Scott James, Co-coach
  • Joshua Wang, Co-coach
  • Hubert Teo, Contestant
  • Yuetong Wang, Contestant
  • Eric Xu, Contestant
The University of Texas at Austin   [URL]
Team name:  UT Orange
  • Etienne Vouga, Coach
  • Glenn Downing, Co-coach
  • Ethan Arnold, Contestant
  • Arnav Sastry, Contestant
  • Daniel Talamas Cano, Contestant
University of British Columbia   [URL]
Team name:  UBC*
  • Yuanchen Du, Coach
  • Jason Chiu, Co-coach
  • Raunak Kumar, Co-coach
  • Paul Liu, Co-coach
  • Mushfiqur Rouf, Co-coach
  • Lucca Siaudzionis, Contestant
  • Gregory Zhang, Contestant
  • Da Wei Zheng, Contestant
University of California at Berkeley   [URL]
Team name:  Berkeley Blue
  • Paul Hilfinger, Coach
  • Yi Wu, Co-coach
  • Suchir Balaji, Contestant
  • Alexander Dai, Contestant
  • Dongxiao Yu, Contestant
University of Central Florida   [URL]
Team name:  UCF Knights
  • Ali Orooji, Coach
  • Chris Gouge, Co-coach
  • Arup Guha, Co-coach
  • Omar Hemmali, Co-coach
  • Shahidul Islam, Co-coach
  • Glenn Martin, Co-coach
  • Steven Zielinski, Co-coach
  • Timothy Buzzelli, Contestant
  • Alexander Coleman, Contestant
  • Eric Ly, Contestant
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign   [URL]
Team name:  Unicorn
  • Jingbo Shang, Coach
  • Alan Mattox Beckman Jr, Co-coach
  • Uttam Thakore, Co-coach
  • Xiyao Shi, Contestant
  • Shunping Xie, Contestant
  • Tianwei Xu, Contestant
University of Maryland   [URL]
Team name:  University of Maryland
  • Mohammadtaghi Hajiaghayi, Coach
  • Mohammad Amin Ghiasi, Contestant
  • Ramasai Tadepalli, Contestant
  • Jason Zou, Contestant
University of Michigan at Ann Arbor   [URL]
Team name:  Victors
  • Kevin Compton, Coach
  • Yujie An, Co-coach
  • Dennis Matveyev, Co-coach
  • Nathan Fenner, Contestant
  • Aman Karunakaran, Contestant
  • Lawrence Wu, Contestant
University of Nebraska - Lincoln   [URL]
Team name:  AllAccepted
  • Jeff Ifland, Coach
  • Aaron Johnson, Co-coach
  • Dannier Li, Contestant
  • Khang Phan, Contestant
  • Trieu Hung Tran, Contestant
University of Pennsylvania   [URL]
Team name:  UPENN RED
  • Sanjeev Khanna, Coach
  • Zhan Xiong Chin, Contestant
  • Brian Hirsh, Contestant
  • David Liao, Contestant
University of Southern California   [URL]
Team name:  USC Trojans
  • David Kempe, Coach
  • Ruixin Qiang, Co-coach
  • Michael Shindler, Co-coach
  • Pengda Xiang, Contestant
  • Changyu Zhu, Contestant
  • Chenhui Zhu, Contestant
University of Waterloo   [URL]
Team name:  Waterloo White
  • Troy Vasiga, Coach
  • Yi Feng Huang, Co-coach
  • Renato Ferreira Pinto Junior, Contestant
  • Yesung Jung, Contestant
  • Ahmed Sabie, Contestant
University of Wisconsin - Madison   [URL]
Team name:  Holocene
  • Dieter van Melkebeek, Coach
  • Jinman Zhao, Co-coach
  • Changtian Sun, Contestant
  • Yuxin Sun, Contestant
  • Sichao Yang, Contestant
Virginia Tech   [URL]
Team name:  EvilSort
  • Godmar Back, Coach
  • Peter Steele, Co-coach
  • Adam Barth, Contestant
  • Daniel Moyer, Contestant
  • Eric Williamson, Contestant
Washington University in St. Louis   [URL]
Team name:  Iridium
  • Dennis Cosgrove, Coach
  • Zachary Glick, Contestant
  • Sam Heil, Contestant
  • Zuohan Xiahou, Contestant

Northern Eurasia

Belarusian State University   [URL]
Team name:  BelarusianSU 2
  • Vladimir Kotov, Coach
  • Aliaksei Tolstsikau, Co-coach
  • Yahor Dubovik, Contestant
  • Fedar Karabeinikau, Contestant
  • Kanstantsin Vilcheuski, Contestant
Kazakh-British Technical University   [URL]
Team name:  Kazakh-British TU 1
  • Askar Akshabayev, Coach
  • Temirulan Mussayev, Co-coach
  • Aidos Nurmash, Co-coach
  • Yerzhan Utkelbayev, Co-coach
  • Zharaskhan Aman, Contestant
  • Alan Amanov, Contestant
  • Nurlan Zhussupov, Contestant
Moscow Aviation Institute   [URL]
Team name:  MAI #1: Patlatye Guitary
  • Valentin Zaytsev, Coach
  • Timofey Yushchenko, Co-coach
  • Oleg Mingalev, Contestant
  • Alexander Mokin, Contestant
  • Ivan Trofimov, Contestant
Moscow Institute of Physics & Technology   [URL]
Team name:  Moscow IPT Cryptozoology
  • Mikhail Tikhomirov, Coach
  • Renat Gimadeev, Co-coach
  • Alexander Golovanov, Contestant
  • Aleksandr Ostanin, Contestant
  • Nikita Uvarov, Contestant
Moscow State University   [URL]
Team name:  Moscow SU Red Panda
  • Elena Andreeva, Coach
  • Aleksandr Chernov, Co-coach
  • Gleb Evstropov, Co-coach
  • Andrei Shestimerov, Co-coach
  • Mikhail Ipatov, Contestant
  • Vladislav Makeev, Contestant
  • Grigory Reznikov, Contestant
National Research University Higher School of Economics   [URL]
Team name:  Bluebell
  • Aleksei Daniliuk, Coach
  • Timur Iskhakov, Contestant
  • Igor Kraskevich, Contestant
  • Aleksandr Zimin, Contestant
Novosibirsk State University   [URL]
Team name:  Novosibirsk SU
  • Vadim Zaytsev, Coach
  • Tatyana Nesterenko, Co-coach
  • Alexander Stenenko, Co-coach
  • Pavel Smirnov, Contestant
  • Nikolay Viktorov, Contestant
  • Roman Vishnevskii, Contestant
Perm State University   [URL]
Team name:  Perm SU: Fire Mind
  • Yuriy Aydarov, Coach
  • Mikhail Lizunov, Contestant
  • Sergey Tsaplin, Contestant
  • Alexandr Tsaplin, Contestant
Saratov State University   [URL]
Team name:  Saratov SU 2
  • Michael Mirzayanov, Coach
  • Ivan Androsov, Contestant
  • Adilbek Dalabaev, Contestant
  • Roman Glazov, Contestant
St. Petersburg Academic University   [URL]
Team name:  SPb AU 1: Methods of Reality
  • Anna Kopeliovich, Coach
  • Mikhail Dvorkin, Co-coach
  • Tatyana Belova, Contestant
  • Aleksandr Fedorov, Contestant
  • Dmitrii Sayutin, Contestant
St. Petersburg ITMO University   [URL]
Team name:  SPb ITMO University 1
  • Andrey Stankevich, Coach
  • Ivan Belonogov, Contestant
  • Mikhail Putilin, Contestant
  • Ilya Zban, Contestant
St. Petersburg State University   [URL]
Team name:  SPb SU 3
  • Andrei Lopatin, Coach
  • Oleg Davydov, Co-coach
  • Alina Filimokhina, Co-coach
  • Ivan Kazmenko, Co-coach
  • Anna Lopatina, Co-coach
  • Kirill Simonov, Co-coach
  • Aleksandr Logunov, Contestant
  • Vladislav Makarov, Contestant
  • Pavel Savchenkov, Contestant
University of Latvia   [URL]
Team name:  LU 2
  • Guntis Arnicans, Coach
  • Kamil Khadiev, Co-coach
  • Jevgenijs Vihrovs, Co-coach
  • Kristaps Civkulis, Contestant
  • Vladislavs Klevickis, Contestant
  • Nikita Larka, Contestant
University of Tartu   [URL]
Team name:  UT 1: Vertex Cover
  • Yauhen Yakimenka, Coach
  • Oliver-Matis Lill, Contestant
  • Oliver Nisumaa, Contestant
  • Andres Unt, Contestant
Ural Federal University   [URL]
Team name:  Ural FU: Kek
  • Oleg Merkurev, Coach
  • Mikhail Rubinchik, Co-coach
  • Kirill Borozdin, Contestant
  • Vladimir Leskov, Contestant
  • Nikita Sivukhin, Contestant
Vilnius University   [URL]
Team name:  VU #1
  • Vladas Tumasonis, Coach
  • Domantas Jadenkus, Contestant
  • Justas Klimavičius, Contestant
  • Darius Kurtinaitis, Contestant