Get Involved

Form a team

Institutions of higher learning select coaches and teams of three contestants eligible to compete in a Regional Contest. If your institution does not participate in the contest contact your Regional Contest Director for help.

Coach a team

An institutional representative, typically a faculty member, may designate or serve as a team coach who will be the point of contact for the team. The team coach cannot also be a contestant.

Serve as a judge

During the contest, judges evaluate submissions by accepting or rejecting them. If the submissions are rejected, the judges provide a uniform diagnostic comment. Contestants may also request clarification of a problem statement. Judges respond to those clarification requests. Contact your Regional Contest Director for more information.

Submit a contest problem

Judges also create and edit contest problems. Typically six to ten problems are attempted in a five hour period. The problems are of varying difficulty and flavor. We want two problems that could be solved in a half hour by a first or second-year student, two that could be solved in an hour by a third-year student, and two that will likely determine the winners. Our goal is that every team solve two problems, that every problem is solved, and that no team solves them all.

See About the Contest Problems Info for more details. Contact the Director of Judging for more information. 


Last modified on 17:56 PM Aug 12, 2018