Starting a New Regional Contest

What is involved in starting a new Regional Contest?

Regional contests are hosted by institutions of higher learning in a geographical region. Current geographic regions can be adjusted to provide for a new regional contest, especially in locations that are not currently effectively served.

To start a contest,

  • Identify the geographic region to be covered.
  • Recruit a steering committee of faculty members from institutions in the region willing to host the contest. The proposed director of the first contest would be the chairman.
  • Identify 12 or more institutions that would field at least 24 teams at the contest. Our goal is to have from 30-40 teams per World Finals slot. In sparsely populated areas or areas where travel is prohibitively expensive, multiple sites are an option provided that there are teams from several institutions at each site.
  • Write a petition to recognize the contest and award a World Finals slot. Send the petition to the Contest Manager by January 15. The earlier, the better.
  • If approved, attend the Regional Contest Director's Symposium during the World Finals. The Contest Manager can provide you with an invitation.

A typical contest runs for two days, one day with technical and cultural content, the next day with a the contest and an awards celebration. Facilities are typically provided by the institution with additional expenses covered by team fees and sponsor support.

Whom do I contact?

Send mail to the Contest Manager.

Last modified on 17:57 PM Aug 12, 2018