Volunteer Instructions

Thank you for volunteering to be a part of ICPC regional contests. Instructions on using the registration application depend on your role. Please find your role below.

The current registration application was created in 2008. Your username and password before that year no longer work. Your new username is your email address. If you do not know your password, go here, click "Forgot Password", enter your email address, and your password shall be emailed to you.

Contest/Site Directors

To manage your contest(s)/site(s), click here to go to your dashboard and select your contest(s)/site(s) to manage. Note that you must be granted contest/site access before you can manage. You ought to update your personal information page by clicking "Profile". Your password can be changed on the "Profile" page. Information about setting up your management page can be found on your dashboard: "Contests" (top left) > "Planning" > "RCD Website Guide".


When you are appointed as staff, you shall receive an email message with your username (email address) and password and instructions how to update your personal information page.

Last modified on 00:13 AM Apr 12, 2013