Welcome to the 2018 ICPC World Finals

Team Registration

All teams and coaches must present themselves for registration at the time selected by appointment. Registration is provided by UPE and Baylor University, whose representatives certify that team paperwork and Team Reference Documents comply with ICPC rules.

Participant Welcome

A dinner is hosted to welcome all registered attendees.


An area where contestants can relax, play games, engage with other teams, and interact with neat demos featuring varied, innovative technologies.

Opening Ceremony

This required event recognizes some of the hundreds of volunteers who have worked to make this year’s World Finals a reality and represents the first public introduction of this year’s World Finals contestants – the best of the best collegiate programmers.

The World Finals Dress Rehearsal

A full-scale rehearsal and practice of the World Finals.

UPE Dinner

This event features dinner and an evening of fun and interaction.

The World Finals

The time has come. Teams from six continents battle in a five-hour competition to see who takes home this year’s prizes, accolades, and bragging rights as the top collegiate programmers in the world.

Closing Ceremony

This required event will be held to crown the ICPC World Champions and medal winners!

The World Finals Celebration

The place and activities are always exciting. The end result is always a phenomenally fun time for contestants and volunteers alike.

Updated 7 March 2018

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