CLI Symposium Schedule 2015

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The 2015 CLI Symposium
sponsored by IBM
hosted by The Moroccan Association for Computing Machinery, Mohammed V University, Al Akhawayn University and Mundiapolis University

Last updated - 16 May 2015

Attendance: * Required attendance for teams with on-site coach accessible
Team: Contestants     Team++: All registered with teams     Coach++: All coaching staff

Saturday May 16
20:00-22:00CLI SymposiumPalmeraie Palace: AméthysteAll with badges
20:00-20:25CodeChef- An Efficient Online Judging System ...."
Speaker - Phalguni Gupta

20:30-20:55CATS-Score: Unified scoreboard for contest control systems
Speaker - Alexander Klenin

21:00-21:25A2 Online Judge
Speaker - Ahmed Aly

21:30-21:55Joint Programming Training in Taiwan
Speaker - Yonghui Wu, C. Jinshong Hwang

Sunday May 17
18:00-20:00CLI SymposiumPalmeraie Palace: AméthysteAll with badges
18:00-18:25UCF’s Women’s Programming Team
Speaker - Arup Guha

18:30-18:55Performance Analysis of Virtual vs. Physical Machines for Automated Judging in Programming Contests
Speaker - John Clevenger

19:00-19:25Assessing computer science exercises using graphs
Speaker - José Leal

19:30-19:55Saci - yet another tool for teaching computer programming
Speaker - Ricardo Anido

Tuesday May 19
20:00-22:00CLI SymposiumPalmeraie Palace: AméthysteAll with badges
20:00-20:25URI Online Judge
Speaker - Jean Bez

20:30-20:55Incentives to train: Collaboration versus competition
Speakers - Kevin Jones, Rui Fan

21:00-21:25Using Competitive Programming to Strengthen Programming Skills for Mechanical Engineers
Speaker - Antonette Logar

21:30-21:55The State of Collaborative Learning: Software Engineering Class Collaborations with State of Hawaii
Speaker - Cathrine Linnes

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